Choosing an inspector based solely on price is a risky proposition.

Home inspections starting at $299.

It's tempting to hire the least expensive home inspector

We get it, but we also understand the risk.The few bucks you save now may cost you big time down the road if your inexperienced home inspector misses something.

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Exclusive Home Inspection Reporting.

Photo Rich Reports

Relevant photos accompany our findings. You see what we see!


Defects and vital information clearly summarized allowing you to move forward with confidence.

Benchmark Reporting

Each space, system and component are methodically inspected the same way, every time. Nothing is overlooked.

Next Day Delivery

Nearly all home inspection reports are delivered by email the next business day. Maximizing your decision time.

Home Inspections

Single-family home inspections

Our multi-point home inspection includes major components and systems at the exterior, roof and interior. Electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, insulation and ventilation, structure and installed appliances are inspected. A clear, detailed summary of findings is provided the next business day to meet your contract timelines.

Spring Inspection Specials

Unlock exclusive March discounts now by requesting a quote and discover the savings awaiting you.

  • Starting at —  $435   $399.
Condominium Inspections

Condo inspections start at $299.

Apartment-style condos are inspected with the same level of detail as home inspections, less inspection of common areas. Typically, the exterior and roof are the responsibility of the condominium or homeowners association and are not inspected.

Condo Inspection Fees

  • Starting at —  $349   $299.


Radon Testing

Radon Testing

Radon testing is performed by ValueGuard radon techs certified by the Pennsylvania Dept of Environmental Protection. We use tamper-resistant, continuous-rate electronic monitors. Accurate results are emailed shortly after the 48-hour test period.

Radon Testing SAVE $35!

  • With home inspection — $190
  • Without home inspection — $225


Termite Inspections

Termite inspections start at $150

ValueGuard provides professional, certified wood destroying insect (termite) inspections. Our termite inspector will attend during your home inspection to provide the extra confidence you deserve.

Termite Inspection Fees

  • With home inspection — $150
  • Without home inspection — $175
  • Larger homes subject to additional fee.
Sewer Scope

The Inspection That Could Save You Thousands.

If there's a hidden issue, like a clog or damage, it could lead to big and expensive troubles later on. Checking the sewer pipe helps catch problems early, so you can fix them before they become a major headache and cost you a lot of money.


$349   NOW $299.

A small camera attached to a flexible cable into a sewer line to visually inspect the condition of the pipe. The camera records high-definition video footage of the interior of the pipe, allowing for the identification of any obstructions, damage, or other issues that may be affecting the sewer line’s performance.

  • Unbiased assessment of the sewer condition.
  • Photos and video included with written inspection report.
Mold Testing

Mold Testing

A mold air test is a process of sampling the air in a building to determine the types and concentration of mold spores present. Mold surface sampling is a process of collecting samples of material or dust from surfaces to determine the presence and types of mold present on the surface.

Mold Air & Surface Sampling

  • Surface Sampling  —    $249.
  • Mold Air Sampling  —  $399.

Mold Surface Testing – The price quoted is based on testing at only two locations. Additional fees may apply if further testing is required beyond these locations.

Mold Air Sampling – The price quoted is based on testing at only three locations. Additional fees may apply if further testing is required beyond these locations.

Lead Paint Testing

Lead Paint Testing & LEAD Safe Certification

Lead swab testing helps keep homes safe by checking for a harmful substance called lead. We use special swabs to collect samples from different areas in your home, like bedrooms and common areas, to see if there's any lead on surfaces. We take two samples in each room and use another area without lead as a comparison. This quick and simple test helps us make sure your home is free from potential lead hazards. LEAD Safe Certification is included for Philadelphia properties.

Lead Testing Starting @ $349

  • 2 Bedroom Starting at —  $349.
  • 3 Bedroom Starting at —  $399.
  • 4 Bedroom Starting at —  $449.
Pre-Offer Consultation

The "Waiving Inspections" Alternative

In 30-60 minutes our Pre-Offer Consultation will leave you with the confidence you need to make a successful and confident offer.

Pre-Offer Review Includes

  • $299.
Multi-Family Home Inspections

Multi-family home inspections start at $575

Our highly trained and knowledgeable inspectors are available to inspect your next big investment property.

Multi-family Home Inspection Fees

  • Duplex  inspections- $575 and up.
  • Triplex  inspections – please request quote.
  • Quad and larger inspections – please request quote.


Commercial Inspections

Commercial & Professional property inspections

Commercial, professional, apartment buildings, retail stores and farms/estates are inspected by experienced professionals.

Commercial & Professional

  • Commercial building
  • Professional / office building
  • Apartment building
  • Retail
  • Farms and estates
  • Please request quote on above
Go-Back Inspections

Confirm repairs were made

Want to know if the repairs you requested were completed or not? Schedule a "go-back" or re-inspection prior to your closing.

Go Back Fee

  • $200

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