Airbnb Rentals in Philadelphia & Lead Paint Testing Requirement

Philadelphia's Airbnb crackdown highlights the need for lead paint testing. Ensure safety & compliance with our EPA-approved services.


As the popularity of short-term rentals through platforms like Airbnb continues to soar, Philadelphia is taking a proactive stance to ensure the safety and well-being of both residents and visitors. Recent statistics reveal that a significant number of Airbnb rentals in the city operate without a Limited Lodging Operators License. According to a recent Philadelphia Inquier article Philadelphia estimates that 85% of the properties are unlicensed.  In response, the city is cracking down on unlicensed rentals to maintain the highest standards of safety and compliance. Lead testing is one of the requirements for a Limited Lodging License.

The Lead-Free Certification Requirement

For rental property owners seeking a Limited Lodging Operators License, one crucial requirement is providing documentation certifying that their property is either lead-free or lead-safe. This requirement applies to all rental properties, regardless of the age of potential residents. Landlords must test and certify their properties, demonstrating their commitment to maintaining a lead-safe environment.

Ensuring Compliance with Lead Paint Testing

To achieve compliance with Philadelphia’s lead paint regulations, landlords must engage the services of an approved EPA sampling technician to conduct lead paint testing. This comprehensive testing process aims to identify any lead-based paint hazards within the property. If lead-based paint is found, appropriate measures for lead abatement and remediation will be recommended to ensure the safety of occupants.

Why Choose ValueGuard Lead Paint Testing?

  1. Expertise and Accuracy: EPA-approved sampling technicians possess the expertise and knowledge to conduct thorough lead paint testing, ensuring accurate results and compliance with regulatory standards.
  2. Safety First: The safety of guests and residents is paramount. Professional lead paint testing minimizes health risks associated with lead exposure and creates a safe living environment.
  3. Compliance Made Easy: We meet Philadelphia’s lead-free or lead-safe certification standards.

Philadelphia’s crackdown on unlicensed Airbnb rentals underscores the city’s commitment to safety and adherence to lead-free certification requirements. For landlords and Airbnb hosts, engaging the services of a reputable lead paint testing company is crucial to achieving compliance and maintaining a safe rental property.

At ValueGuard we understand the importance of compliance and the well-being of your guests. Our team of experienced EPA-approved sampling technicians is here to assist you throughout the lead paint testing process, ensuring that your property meets Philly’s lead paint standards.

Author: Chase Millard
ValueGuard Home Inspections
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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