The Amazing Benefits of IR in Home Inspections

Discover the hidden benefits of IR in home inspections with ValueGuard! Our IR-certified inspectors uncover issues, ensure safety, and save you money.


When it comes to buying or selling a home, having an inspection is absolutely essential. Did you know all ValueGuard Inspectors are Certified IR Thermography Inspectors?

This innovative tech provides us with lots of advantages leading to more accurate home inspections and safer families.

Improperly vented chimney
Identification of improperly vented chimney and safety issue.

One key benefit of IR is its ability to detect unseen issues. With special cameras, trained inspectors can notice things that our eyes might miss – like leaks, potential electrical hazards and even structural damage in homes. By pinpointing problems early on, you have more time to take action and prevent them from becoming bigger headaches down the line.

It can assist us in identifying moisture issues before they become visible to you the homeowner. Water can cause a lot of damage to a house. The IR camera can find places where water has sneaked in, like leaky pipes or roofs. When we know where the water is, we can fix it and prevent mold from growing.

Furthermore, IR enhances energy efficiency too – by showing us areas with poor insulation or air leakage spots which allow warm air out when we want cold air inside (or vice versa). Fixing up those points means you’ll save money on your electricity bills while also feeling comfortable in your own home environment all year round!

Identification of moisture issues with IR
Identification of moisture issues not visible without IR.

Lastly but certainly not least important: safety should always come first when inspecting a house and this tech helps guarantee that everything operates smoothly within its walls by finding faults within the electrical system itself –  like wires that might catch fire.

All-in-all using IR during inspections saves both time & money since they help identify problems faster than any other method available right now allowing fixes prior they become much costlier later down the road then they would’ve been originally…

So, next time you have a home inspection, remember how amazing IR technology is. It helps find hidden problems, detects moisture, improves energy efficiency, keeps us safe, and saves us time and money. Thanks to IR, our homes can be in the best shape possible and our families safer!

IR inspeciton of radiant floor heating
IR inspeciton of radiant floor heating


Author: Chase Millard
ValueGuard Home Inspections
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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